As if the day never existed / Nele Van Canneyt


Van Canneyt, Nele. Photographe

Edité par auto-édité. Belgique - 2021

When she photographs, Nele Van Canneyt steps out of her everyday reality: not only does she leave her concerns behind, not only does she travels to a faraway place, but at the same time she creates her own context, a dream reality to realize her imagination. Her dream reality is the catalyst of a subtle subcutaneous reaction: emotions colour the perception and images of the photographer and through what she sees she starts off on an inner journey. Her act is liberating, even emancipatory; she had to and would break through the prejudices – don’t we all recognize the well-intentioned phrase “Is it really sensible to go out on your own to take pictures”? This conquered freedom liberates her senses: she becomes receptive to the impressions and she opens herself to the creation of a new oeuvre. While wandering, she encounters her images, the superlative of coincidence, another word for serendipity.

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