Neos / Ezio d'Agostino


Ezio d'Agostino. Artiste | Andrea Lorena Soto Calderón. Auteur

Edité par Skinnerboox - 2019

NEOs explores a new cycle of capitalization that has been unfolding practically unnoticed for nearly twenty years. The work was prompted by the government of Luxembourg's announcement of SpaceResources, the first-ever space program designed to mine asteroids and near-earth objects (NEOs), thanks to collaboration between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and various private companies backed by leading investment banks. Shortly after the United States, Luxembourg established a legal framework to permit the appropriation of minerals in outer space (currently subject to an international treaty of 1967 which prevents the national appropriation of these resources), therefore becoming the leading research and construction centre for the commercialization of raw materials extracted from space. The argument is that the programme will improve living conditions for human beings, but in the hands of private prospectors it is set to become one of the most lucrative businesses of the second half of this century. Based on remains, debris and memories, Ezio D'Agostino is gradually constructing a visual and political hypothesis about the possible repercussions of this new cycle of extractivism in our late capitalist times. Andrea Lorena Soto Calderón

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